Where we are

The Hotel Empire Resort is located in the area of “Iseo Sud” far about 4 km from the centre of Iseo and form the Iseo Train Station.
Our Hotel is nearby many facilities including: Supermarkets, free beaches, private beaches, bar, clubs, restaurants and pizzerias and shopping centres.
It's really relaxing and funny to enjoy have a walk and/or trips by bicycles, both free and guided, especially during the Summer thanks to a warm temperature in our precious natural landscape.
Nearby our Hotel there is the Famous "Natural Reserve Torbiere of the Sebino", characterized by a long pathway along the Lake which allows people to go for long walks surrounded by our typical fauna and flora.
There is also the chance to have romantic and funny cruises in the Iseo Lake by fairy and/or by boat, having the chance to reach and to visit the Highest Europe Lake Island: Monte Isola.
Nearby us there are many wine cellars World famous for the production of the Franciacorta wines, appreciated at an International Level.

An interesting fact to add about the Lake Iseo area is that our area has been made famous worldwide mainly thanks to the International event, unique in its history, known as "The Floating Piers" in which with an innovative idea put into practice in 2016 the Island inside the Lake Iseo ( MonteIsola) has been joined to the mainland just for a short period by one floating bridge on which people had been able to live the experience of “ walking on the water”.
Thanks to this event many people around the world have discovered for the first time the magic of the Lake Iseo.

Hotel Empire Resort
Via del Dossello 30
25049 Iseo (BS)